BBC: Protesters target Suffragette film premiere red carpet

My thanks to Craig for this.

The protesters were concerned about the supposed reduction in availability of domestic violence refuge places. Refuges places for female victims, or male victims? The former, obviously, as the latter have always been close to non-existent.

An extract from the piece:

The action was led by a feminist group called Sisters Uncut.

Members say they are using “suffragette methods to declare that, as long as violence against women continues, the battle for women’s liberation has not yet been won.

“Dead women can’t vote.”

We must infer, presumably, that dead men can vote. It’s not fair.

2 thoughts on “BBC: Protesters target Suffragette film premiere red carpet

  1. From the Newsbeat item:

    …However, the government has responded by saying it’s committed to protecting women, with a new “controlling behaviour” offence which carries a five year prison sentence. … There is also a scheme, introduced last year, allowing women to check their partner’s criminal history and a £40m budget to tackle violence against women and girls. … A government spokesman said: ‘Violence against women and girls in any form is unacceptable and the government has shown its commitment to ending it.’ …

    Oh wouldn’t it be terribly nice, wouldn’t it just be ticketty-ruddy-boo, if the other half of the population were to be afforded similar protections and services instead of being dismissed as sub-human and the assumed source of all ills?

    Why, why, why the constantly gendered language, the constantly sexist approach? Well, we know why, and until men physically check the contents of their codpiece and act on that evidence, we will continue to fling ourselves cheerily on the sharpened nail-files of modern, non-egalitarian feminism. Wake up, gentlemen, and smell the (fruit-flavoured, low-calorie, anti-oxidant) tea… before it’s too late.

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