5 thoughts on “BBC shows its contempt for victims of false rape allegations yet again

  1. Over here in Canada we have the same issue with the CBC, it’s full of feminist parasites sucking part of every tax dollar the I pay. We can only hope that we get one more Conservative government and with any luck they will sell it off or just cut off the tax subsidies.

  2. Now there’s a small but pithy significance – because I hold the BBC in utter contempt. I have stopped allowing its outrageous bias into my life, and my world view is all the better and more accurate for it. Seriously, the BBC is quite dead. We only see the carcass apparently still moving around because the feminists are under the hide, finishing off the corporate offal and bones.

  3. Hi Mike Just sent a complaint to BBC.  I shall not hold my breath for any kind of empathetic reply!  A word of appreciation to you, your J4MB emails are always first opened. Regards Tom Cummins

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