3 thoughts on “tl;dr on rape

  1. It lives, it lives. The banned video lives on at AVfM. Imagine a video being banned for pointing out stupidity; now you don’t have to imagine, it is reality.

    Orwell’s prophecy is closer to reality every day.

    May the gods help us all!

  2. I grew a beard because I was sick of raping my chin every morning and decided that when my chin said no it really meant no and my shaving hand had to respect that. Does that sound insane? It does? You wouldn’t say that to me if I were a confident, assertive, strong ‘kick-ass’ (to quote Fabian_Delusion / Feminist_Failure, though why she kicks harmless donkeys I have no idea) woman.

    My parents used to rape my brothers and I on Sunday evenings after Thunderbirds, when they told us to go to bed. They raped us when they taught us to say please and thank you, to look left, right and left again when crossing the road and not to talk to strangers on the way home from school. They raped us egregiously when they insisted that we make ourselves presentable before going out, and came home by a set deadline.

    I was raped at the supermarket this evening, when I had to pay for my groceries and my wife raped me when she told me she loved me.

    That video showed me that we live in a rape culture and it should be taken seriously and not mocked.

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