A call to arms

I had the pleasure of attending an all-day meeting of more than 20 MRAs in Oxford on Saturday. I was one of a number who gave presentations, and I’ve added hyperlinks to the PDF of the content, to enable people to access materials speedily. I titled my talk A call to arms.

I’m pleased to report that by the end of the day we’d acquired several new party members, commitments to attend the protest outside the Conservative party conference next Sunday and Monday, and two people expressed an interest in standing as J4MB candidates at the 2020 general election. All in all, a productive day.

3 thoughts on “A call to arms

  1. Congratulations on a job well done ! I am sorry I am too far away to participate in person.It is great to hear that ever so slowly,men are becoming fed up with the very raw deal they are now getting.

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