Charlotte Proudman is now working for the Guardian. What are the chances?

Charlotte Proudman, a 27-year-old feminist barrister, recently won our inaugural Toxic Feminist of the Month award – here. We stated our conviction that she’d deliberately scuppered her legal career in order to pursue a far less demanding career – one with irresistible appeal to a narcissist – that of a feminist media pundit, in the style of that supreme narcissist, Special Snowflake (Laura Bates). Few people agreed with us. Following Ms Proudman’s recruitment by the Guardianhere – that might possibly change.

Her Guardian profile:

Charlotte Proudman is a barrister in human rights law and family law at the chambers of Michael Mansfield QC. She is currently working on a PhD in sociology at the University of Cambridge, where she is researching the law surrounding FGM in the UK, and is an executive committee member of the Society of Labour Lawyers and Fabian Women’s Network. Follow @CRProudman

Special Snowflake #2 is ‘researching the law surrounding FGM in the UK’, at the University of Cambridge. FGM has been specifically illegal in the UK since 1985, 30 years ago – here. Can I have my PhD in sociology now, please?

Three days ago SS#2 called in her Guardian piece for gender quotas for senior legal appointments – here. She hasn’t yet called for gender quotas in bomb disposal, refuse collection, sewage work, agriculture, construction, deep sea fishing, logging, or indeed any of the risky (and often poorly remunerated) lines of work which result in 95%+ of people killed in the workplace being men. We feel sure she’ll get to these areas soon.

6 thoughts on “Charlotte Proudman is now working for the Guardian. What are the chances?

  1. I wouldn’t call it recruitment, she just writes for the guardian which she has done before albeit on the back of a collegue( felix someone from the USA). if ever there was an example of a strong independent woman .. she ain’t !

    what is more interesting is that she still claims to be a barrister at mansfield qc even though she is supposed to be working on her Phd. I found it odd that mansfield himself has not released any statement in support of proudman( I maybe wrong if someone can point one out) and that her status is “charlotte proudman is on sabbatical”.. to me that is gardening leave or being let go.

    in case anyone misunderstands, lawyers are generally not fired unless they break the law/regulation and the firm has no choice but to fire them to limit the damage to them, they are let go or made to resign or in this case I believe “on sabbitical”

    i don’t believe she has moved to a media career because law is too demanding, but merely that she is not competent enough to practice the disipline required( and it is tough, I’ve watched my former wife go through a magic circle law firm). Charlotte is what my wife and other lawyers refer to as a photocopy lawyer

    i think we will see this person pop up now and then( especially when she finishes her phd) and then leads a mediocre life of whataboutery articles and the go to person(expert) that the media like to go for an opinion. in short she will always be known as the linked in woman( and of course to the daily mail “the mad feminist who hates her gran”).

    expect to see her in the annual review that the guardian does every year and then the rest of us will scron the guarian for its delusions, as they did in the article you reffered to.

  2. maybe you should propose to the same department that you would like to do a PhD in the law surrounding MGM in the uk????

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