Public challenge of Theresa May MP, Home Secretary, on MGM – response overdue

On July 14 we posted a public challenge of Theresa May, at the same time publishing a blog post on the matter. The letter ended with this:

I have two questions for you, please consider them as FOI requests:

– Given that MGM demonstrably results in bodily harm, and often mental harm, on what grounds are the police declining to press charges against those carrying out the operations?

– Regardless of those grounds, will the government commit publicly to introducing legislation in this parliamentary term (i.e. before May 2020) to make non-therapeutic MGM of male minors illegal?

The fact that MGM is a cultural or religious requirement or expectation in certain faith traditions in the UK is irrelevant. Such grounds wouldn’t be deemed adequate for adherents of faith traditions in the UK to carry out FGM, and quite rightly.

We demand that male minors be given the same legal protection against genital mutilation as female minors – the sooner, the better.

Because we hadn’t received a response by the FOI deadline – 20 working days after receipt – we emailed the FOI team on 21 August, and were informed the letter hadn’t been received. This was a stalling tactic we’ve encountered elsewhere, most recently with DBIS. No matter. We were informed that the request was now registered, and we’d receive a response by 21 August – yesterday. We haven’t received one.

Could it be the Home Office wouldn’t want to reply to the FOI request in advance of the party conference, due to start on Sunday 4 October? I repeat my request for you to join us and support Men Do Complain in protesting near the conference venue in Manchester – details here.

5 thoughts on “Public challenge of Theresa May MP, Home Secretary, on MGM – response overdue

  1. I shall be there with you in Manchester to burst the bubbles of a few people who think that it’s OK for normal healthy male minors to be surgically modified at the behest of their thoughtless parents, whilst our civilised society reviles those who impose FGM on their daughters.

  2. I doubt anyone expects very much from Mrs ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ May. She is the price we pay for not having a Labour government, as are the other useless females in Grooovey Dave’s cabinet of clowns (I’m not suggesting that we should have a Labour government). The silver lining to the cloud is that prolonged inaction and studied indifference on the part of MPs, ministers and civil servants adds weight to our efforts.

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