BBC comedy RIP

I’ve long been a comedy buff, and I’m perfectly happy to concede the BBC has been the source of some priceless comedy series over my lifetime – Fawlty Towers being a particular favourite.

The quality of BBC comedy series has long been in decline, possibly because material has to gain the approval of the BBC’s political correctness brigade, a reliable way to strangle genuinely funny comedy ideas at birth. Hope springs eternal, however, and I’ve just watched People Time on BBC3. In my TV guide, the programme was described thus:

Lively comedy show pilot starring seven comedy rising stars (including Claudia O’Doherty and Ellie White). The skits cover a range of modern issues, big and small, from online dating and workplace sexism to mobile phones and junk mail – the shouty man in the street manages to be both silly and subversive.

Sounds like a riot, right? Er, no. I didn’t laugh once, and came close to smiling on only one occasion. The lowest point in this dismal waste of licence payers’ money was the aforementioned ‘shouty man in the street’ encountering three ‘No More Page 3’ campaigners on the street, 11:49 – 12:47.

The comedic premise of the sketch was that if men oppose feminists their male friends will desert them, and they will then have to grovel to feminists for acceptance. If there has ever been a less funny ‘comedy’ sketch broadcast on television or radio anywhere in the world, I invite you to send it to me. For obvious reasons, I exclude anything written by, or including, Kate Smurthwaite. Thank you.

The programme is available on iPlayer for the next 29 days, and we could save it for prosperity on our YouTube channel. But why would we want to? We get comfort from the knowledge that in a month’s time the programme won’t be available on iPlayer ever again.

Have a good weekend.

5 thoughts on “BBC comedy RIP


    “But I did click on a BBC3 link last week that punctured my post-lunch fug like a crossbow bolt through porridge. People Time is just over 20 minutes long and features seven writer-performers from various different comedy acts, brought together super-group style (like Monty Python) to make a new sketch show. And it’s brilliant. ”

    LOL. A glowing review from the Guardian; reason enough not to touch this with a barge-pole, not that I would anyway since I stopped paying for the licence several years ago.

  2. The BBC is dead to me. At the beginning of this year I realised that my Aunty Beeb no longer existed. She has been replaced by a risible organisation where journalism and entertainment begin with the ‘When did you stop beating your wife’ question and worked downwards from there. I haven’t watched the BBC, listened to the BBC or visited the BBC website since, and I have to say that her gap is similar to that left by a hand removed from a bucket of feminist tears.

  3. I couldn’t watch the episode (I use that word advisedly) of Question Time you linked to and certainly cannot watch any other BBC comedy programme. I’d like to, really I would, in the interests of masculine solidarity, but it’s asking too much. My wife still finds HIGNFYSTWCXSLOZP!!!, and other stale BBC rubbish, hysterically funny but I haven’t for many years.

    Time to shut the BBC down.

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