Feminists campaign for a ban on sex robots

Priceless. The start of the article:

A campaign has called for an outright ban on robots developed for sex. Leading academics in robot ethics have warned that their creation will only increase the objectification of women and children, further dehumanising those who are abused for sex.

The warning comes as artificial intelligence approaches a point where it could be used in robots designed solely to satisfy sexual desires. But such robots, campaigners argue, should not exist.

“The development of sex robots and the ideas to support their production show the immense horrors still present in the world of prostitution,” read a statement on the Campaign Against Sex Robots website. The authors of the campaign argued that sex robots would further increase the perceived “inferiority of women and children” and continue to justify their use as “sex objects”.

The campaign, led by Kathleen Richardson, a senior research fellow in the ethics of robotics at De Montfort University in Leicester and Erik Brilling, an associate senior lecturer in informatics from the University of Skövde in Sweden, hopes to encourage a wider debate around the development of sex robots and their potential implications for society.

Hmm – ‘potential implications for society’? Or ‘potential implications for women’, specifically? With research towards artificial wombs coming along nicely, life’s going to become ever more challenging for those of the female persuasion. An increasing number of men – MGTOWs – are already walking off the plantation. What will women offer men, in a bid to return them to their former servitude? Scintillating conversation, perhaps?

13 thoughts on “Feminists campaign for a ban on sex robots

  1. There comes a time when it becomes worth it to reject feminism even though it means foregoing sex, temporarily. In fact it becomes a necessity at some point in time.

  2. The problem is gynocentism, instilled into males from their early days. One of the reasons this is going to be such a long and hard war. But there’s a historically inevitability feminism will fail. Society cannot function on a feminist model indefinitely.

  3. yes thats certainly true in the sense that being dumb and being a feminist go together like……er love/marriage and horse/carriage perhaps……feminism is when everything intelligent is replaced by everything stupid……when all the complexities nuances contradictions and beauties of language are stripped away and replaced by a shrill robotic moronic screaching; “EIN REICH EIN VOLK EIN RAPEKULTUR!!!”……..
    so yes i understand the appeal to stupid males; but what is the appeal to the intelligent fellowtravellers who can surely see through such deranged rubbish??
    could it be they think that by sucking up to these gormless airheads, they might just get a shag……..

  4. absolutely right! the parallel between1930s nazis (who at this stage were into discrimination harassment and persecution rather than actual murder) and 21st century feminazis is shocking and compelling when u look at it closely………even the whole grievance industry……the nazis gained power by whining incessantly about the versailles agreement and blame “Jews” while the feminazis whine incessantly about historical ordeals that women suffered and blame “men”……that much is clear….but like you i am completely mystified by the mangina phenomenon; the men who are eager fellowtravellers with the feminazis…..it beggars belief! and there certainly was no historical parallel in germany…….i cant think of a single german jew who welcomed the antisemitic onslaught

  5. Tugruk,
    I agree with you. Men are now facing similar discrimination as Jews or anyone who disagreed with the Nazis faced. The only difference is that our men still hold these female opressors in high esteem,treating them in a privileged manner. That’s where my comprehension ends.

  6. evil indeed…….and the best corrollary is 1930s Germany….although German Jews had received half of all the german nobel prizes; although proportionately german jews recieved
    twice as many iron crosses as nonjews etc…..it didnt help…..they were “always wrong” “always to blame” “always guilty”…….so 80 years later anyone who tries to reason or debate with these wimmin is automatically part of the world jewish conspiracy…….they dont call this rabble “feminazis” for nothing…..

  7. legalised prostitution is statistically proven to reduce rape and other sex attacks.Legalized prostitution serves to protect women,not endanger them. Same goes for sex toys or sex robots.
    Gentlemen,as you can see,no matter what approach we try,feminists are never satisfied,will always complain and will not stop blaming men for their very nature. That’s why I think no reasonable debate can exists with feminists. Their movement needs to be opposed in its entirety,on every level.
    it is an evil philosophy,plain and simple.

  8. I laughed when I first saw this. It’s almost obvious this kind of technology would come into being. Having some knowledge of the Virtual-Reality platforms, I know that the sex-industry is encroaching in that field too. Guess what? It’s actually helping progress the technology! Because it’s something that people are willing to spend money on. Even the amateurs are getting involved and finding ways to mend technologies in ways no-one would have though of. It’s exciting because that leaks back into other fields.

    But back to the issue. So they want to stop sex robots? Is it more pertinent to find out why people are willing to have sex with a robot before a person? Maybe the human race is letting itself go a little? The choices aren’t so attractive any more? We keep getting told how more important it is to ‘feel’ good than ‘look’ good, whilst it is important, it doesn’t lend itself to the expansion of a population if they start finding mechanical items more attractive now does it?

    Strange how it suddenly became an issue, when men were to be the ones to actively use them. What about all those little sex slaves that women use every day? Surely they are being objectified all the time? Doesn’t that just reduce a man to an object to excite women? Then, when we don’t vibrate at 2000RPM we aren’t as good as the robot in the drawer.

  9. why a ban on just sex robots…surely ALL robots could potentially grope a passing woman or girl or make sexist comments…..better ban all of them to make sure

  10. It’s interesting that an alternative source of sex, and one that is financially and emotionally risk free and frees men from sexual dependence upon women, and thus might be thought more likely to reduce any tendency to so called ‘objectification’ is objected to on the grounds that it may result in the opposite.

    That they are wheeling out that old canard objectification suggests a certain desperation at the thought that, instead of using technology to make ourselves redundant, men are now using it to erode women’s earning power. The day is long overdue.

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