Fiona Sturges: ‘Feminazi row: Work isn’t the place to tell me that I look nice.’

Our thanks to Cheryl for this, in today’s Independent on Sunday. It follows the story of the 57-year-old lawyer who complimented a 27-year-old barrister on her LinkedIn photo.

Cheryl writes, “I’m sick to death of silly women claiming men have been overwhelmed with desire for them in the office, on public transport etc. Either they’re fantasising or (less likely) men have found this is a tactic worth trying with gullible women. The second paragraph of the piece is ridiculous:

It happened to me last year when a male colleague told me I looked well, which sounds innocuous enough but what he actually said, in a small office in which we were alone, was, “Wow, you look well. Really well. Seriously, you look great,” while giving me the up and down with his eyes, at which point my discomfort was such that I was ready to throw myself out of the window. And yet there he was, in his cack-handed way, trying to pay me a compliment.”

We must assume that while Ms Sturges was ‘ready’ to throw herself out of the window, she didn’t actually do so.

6 thoughts on “Fiona Sturges: ‘Feminazi row: Work isn’t the place to tell me that I look nice.’

  1. Now, this is most definitely men’s fault. We must set to and design easier-to-operate windows immediately. More welcoming window catches, less masculine catches, catches that are less complicated and are more suited to operation by the non-technical mind in the heat of a triggered moment.

  2. Well then, don’t wear revealing outfits, a ton of make up, or use perfume. Tie your hair in a neat, professional way, and chances are nobody will make comments such as “you look nice today” at the office. Problem solved. Common sense.

  3. Indeed. Women do seem to use extravagant language all the time. This is fortunate as if all the women I have known had “literally died” of embarrassment I would have spent my life at funerals. I remain surprised that this well attested use of language is not recognised in the extravagantly self dramatizing language by such as Ms. Proudman. Clearly her entertaining canter through feminist insults should simply be regarded in the same vein.

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