Lawyer who shamed barrister over ‘sexist’ LinkedIn email believes men make workplaces a ‘repugnant world’

Our thanks to Mike for this. An extract:

If men and women were truly equal, she said, “men’s genitals would be sliced up” in the same way that some women are subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM).

Can the stupid woman really not be aware of MGM?

9 thoughts on “Lawyer who shamed barrister over ‘sexist’ LinkedIn email believes men make workplaces a ‘repugnant world’

  1. she is genuinely frightening……most feminutters are gormless airheads but this one judging by her spoken interviews is both very attractive and very intelligent – which is extremely rare in a field where many of them look physically monstrous……reminds me (in a “slightly different” context) of REINHARD HEYDRICH……he got his just deserts in the end so lets hope she is unemployable…..quite possible as what employer would want someone in their office who will be snarling and spitting if i man dares to wish her a polite “good morning how are you” – yet another example of sexist condescension by the male patriarchy – when any normal person would be quietly getting on with their work…..

  2. She’s aware of it alright I think, she just doesn’t care.
    Pretty on the outside does not mean pretty on the inside.

  3. she just does not believe MGM is mutilation she believes its a sane smart practice and to be dismissed.

    she should talk to the male friends i have who cant feel anything when having sex.

  4. Indeed. Is she really that stupid and uninformed, or is she simply lying to perpetuate her sexist agenda? Hard to tell really.

  5. women are not subjected to mutilation in the western world. only men. If anything,the western world,including its men are against genital mutilation of both genders. However,many western women support men’s genital mutilation,including in the west. Some hypocricy!

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