Mike Buchanan interviewed on Sky News about Charlotte Proudman, Whiny Feminist of the Month

Less than two hours ago I was interviewed live on Sky News about the media furore stirred up by Charlotte Proudman, the whiny 27-year-old feminist barrister who decided to publicly shame a 57-year-old male lawyer (working for another firm) for doing something that no reasonable person – feminists are excluded, by definition – would find wrong. Our award-winning media team were on standby to capture and edit the interview and a little earlier material, and the piece has just been loaded onto our YouTube channel – here. Please post any comments there, rather than here. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Mike Buchanan interviewed on Sky News about Charlotte Proudman, Whiny Feminist of the Month

  1. where to start with this person.
    If you read her linked in profile you will find that it is a publicity machine with links to various article she has contributed to. I didn’t see a single article solely under her own name, or any examples of work she has done( links to articles don’t count)

    She writes one co-authored article for the guardian, which I believe is really her co author( dexter dias) doing the majority of the work and she just tags on.

    her profile has only one recomendation.. from a housing officer( she knew from college), despite approx 500 followers.

    sexism in law, yes, but both ways( at men and women) and in much milder forms than her own behaviour.

    Q: why did she change her name four years ago? was it becuase she was ashamed of her name Baiyle?.

    she does not have a great track record in cases as a lawyer/barrister.

    i have to ask the question charlotte proudman(baiyle), how is it that my wife( ex) was able to hold a position in the largest law firm in the world( magic cirlcle firm in the UK) despite being a woman, despite not being white, despite being a muslim,despite being SE asian( and we all know the stereotypes there)despite not being a stunning looking woman in the pararmeters of westerners… maybe because she has the brains to achieve this. Charlotte Proudman is what my wife called many english lawyers that were not up to the job of being professional .. a photocopy lawyer.How is it that despite a supposed excellent education she can’t get a job at a magic circle law firm? maybe its because of her attitude? Clients want a bull that fights for them, not a wounded rampaging bull in a china shop

    i have met many many female English lawyers amongst many international lawyers( whilst overseas) and not one of them has ever batted an eyelid over the supposed sexism in the legal community. More are worried about the class issue in the legal community and the drama queen attitude of some white english lawyers… like proudman.

    She has already failed the most basic test required of lawyers and that is the ability to keep your emotions in check and to be thoughtful about what you say and where you say it. twitter is the worse place to air your supposed grievances and with the revelations of hypocrisy from the daily mail about chalotte comments on facebook( yes charlotte,.. its not appropiate even on a non business site such as facebook… in fact it is creepy and objectification, to use feminist words).

    I would like to point out to mike if you ever are asked a comment about charlotte.
    If proudman could explain why she talks about FGM and promotes debate on this and yet keeps silent on MGM?
    how do you call yourself a human rights lawyer when you deliberately miss out one gender that also suffers from genital multilation, that is a gender/women rights laywer..not a human rights lawyer.

    Proudman seems to not have the intelligence to think about things such as the streisand effect, or that every lawyer with brains remembers the clair swires story ( norton rose).
    She is going to find herself unfortunately shunned or viewed with caution. Working with her is going to be harder as no one will be sure of her kiss and tell drama attitude.

    PS Proudman.. for god sake hire yourself a PR firm who can advise you on how to talk to the press

  2. Nicely done Mike. When they understand that they are sure to attract ridicule from men who aren’t prepared to tolerate their self-absorbed, attention seeking nonsense, and are not afraid to say so, they’ll start to think twice before being so silly.

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