Charlotte Proudman – Whiny Feminist of the Month

Charlotte Proudman is a 27-year-old feminist barrister, a member of the Society of Labour Lawyers, member of the Fabian Society, has written for the Guardian and New Statesman… you get the picture, a ray of sunshine like other feminist Labour lawyers such as Harriet Harman and Vera Baird. Her chambers profile is here.

Sarah Vine has written an excellent article about Ms Proudman’s response to a compliment from a senior lawyer in another firm, who she’d contacted. The piece is titled, ‘If a man can’t compliment a woman, the human race is in deep trouble.’

We recently published a piece linking to an article about how giving an unsolicited compliment to a women about her appearance is now considered as sexual violence – here.

When our award-winning team of graphic designers has a spare hour, they’ll prepare Ms Proudman’s Whiny Feminist of the Month award. The full list of those award winners is here, on another website we run, The Anti-Feminism League. The list of Lying Feminist of the Month award winners is here, the list of Gormless Feminist of the Month award winners here.

If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to join our party – from only £5 per month – and support our political struggle against feminism, a gender supremacy ideology driven by misandry (the hatred of men).

7 thoughts on “Charlotte Proudman – Whiny Feminist of the Month

  1. Very well said, I couldn’t agree more. Charlotte is a entitled whiny feminist, but have a much more dangerous feminist lawyer here in Canada. See Johntheother’s YouTube post “COCK is comming for Elizabeth Sheehy”. It’s an eye opener.

  2. Radicalised feminists like her have no judgement.

    Nor any self-control. They are immature, irrational and emotionally incontinent. A volatile and highly combustible mix of inadequacies that wants only the glimmer of a tiny spark to incinerate all about them. Law is not a suitable discipline for such creatures and one can see why they were kept out of priestly vestments for so long.

  3. Sarah Vine calls her a Feminazi. That is one interpretation, another is ‘Fembot’. Her utterances, repeated on live TV today, are all just feminist mantras strung together with not the slightest hint of any intelligent reasoning behind them. She is a barrister who says she is a follower of that socially divisive creature Laura Bates and her ‘Everyday Sexism’ project, but she is an officer of the court along with the man she ‘exposed’. That is the biggest criticism of her behaviour. Radicalised feminists like her have no judgement. Not only does she shame herself, she shames her profession, and her head of chambers, Michael Mansfield, who would do well to deal with her on those grounds. It is surely only a matter of time before she brings her hysterical allegations against colleagues in her own chambers, possibly with a gigantic financial claim attached. This is one dangerous cookie to have in any organisation. She needs to be ‘encouraged to find her happiness elsewhere’ before its too late.

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