4 thoughts on “Suzanne B Monaghan MD: ‘Let’s cut a penis off… because it would be great, then they wouldn’t have to deal with it.’

  1. “Cut a penis off” Then is it you and other women OR is it the helpless child that doesn’t ever have to worry about it again. That paediatrician should clearly not be allowed near a baby boy ever again or better yet she should be ejected from the medical profession.

    You just know that there are feminist mothers out there that would have their baby boy mutilated just because she is a hateful feminist and it will be one more humiliation in her war against men.

    A couple of years ago I had a discussion with my hypocrite feminist sister about female genial mutilation in Canada; there was a story in the news that day. When I suggested that similar concern should extend to all baby boys she was quite indignant about the procedure being a good thing because a circumcised penis LOOKED better to women. Absolutely amazing unrestrained hypocrisy!

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