Helena Horton: Should naked women be used as fruit platters?

A more entertaining piece in the Telegraph. In response to the question on the Telegraph page, ‘Should naked women be used as fruit platters?’, 15,497 respondents (63% of the total) answered, ‘Yes’. Even feminist ‘comediennes’ Kate Smurfwit and Sandi Toxic could make something out of this story.

5 thoughts on “Helena Horton: Should naked women be used as fruit platters?

  1. Stop the press, forget baby boys washed up on beaches, follow the fruit salad scandal. Grapes nearly crush a woman. Top femsplaining stories from the world.

    Seriously, the women were only topless and they had a beefy topless men on show as well. So what is all the fuss about. Apparently it is not the nudity but the objectification. If you are male, topless, and stood up it is not objectification apparently. If the women had one-piece bathing suits on would that still be objectification then? I think it is all about the nudity for these feminist critics and they are the ones who only think of people as objects, they really need to stop projecting their sexuality onto others. The fact that these are living plates and not objects is the whole point of the fun theme. The female guest photo’d smiled at getting a grape handed to her by one of the horizontal waitresses. Amanda Holden uses a topless man as foot stool in a yogurt advert shown at any time of day. They claim treating a men like this is equalling “disgusting” but I have not seen any attempt to remove this advert by feminists. I am sure the male model in the advert got paid and took it as the fantasy fun it is just like these waitresses would probably look at it as a fun easy job to do.No one is saying this is the correct way to treat people all the time, unless it is both their thing.

    Some people still have a childish Victorian view of breasts or more correctly nipples, go to many beaches or women’s fashion magazines and you will see them. Public breast feeding is legal. This over sexualisation of ordinary body parts dressed up as degrading objectification is embarrassing. You de-sex body parts by treating them normally, hence no one is offended by topless men any more (this was banned in the past too). Commonly women did not show a lot of underwear but that is now a universal norm in public and even day time TV. This is the affect of Europe and their more mature attitude towards bodies, partial nudity and beauty in general. Most people in UK are catching up with this view, the feminist media are out of step. In Europe this food body idea would just be seen as innocent fun and ignored. It is sad that the English speaking world is still shamed by jealous women prudes and their male doormats in the media.

  2. LOL. Actually it was the first round fruit that came to mind, and it made my wife roar with laughter. I suppose grapefruit or melons would have been more normal, and less alarming a prospect.

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