Superman Haydn Burton A5941DH who protested against David Cameron in Witney is found hanged in HMP Winchester

A moving tribute to a fine man, denied access to his young daughter, by Archi Ssan for New Fathers 4 Justice. He writes:

Sadly it looks like another superhero father has taken his own life… leaving a little girl without her daddy! Since when was in the best interest of the child not to have her daddy?

4 thoughts on “Superman Haydn Burton A5941DH who protested against David Cameron in Witney is found hanged in HMP Winchester

  1. The world is full of good people. If you can’t find one then be one.

    The struggle continues. Other children and other fathers will be saved. I will personally see to it so don’t stand in my way. Haydn your children should be very proud of you. We will pick up your baton and run with it because it cannot be left on the ground. It’s not a matter of choice. Parents were programmed to protect their children long before there were human beings and we shall continue to do so no matter how scary the monster is that wants to eat them.

  2. I see his imprisonment was as result of his protests, not for any actual crimes:

    For those in the know, the fact that his arrest was at the hands of Hampshire Police is extremely troubling and they are notorious for attacks on fathers rights at present,. The force have also engaged in some extremely distributing practices against the founder of the original Fahters4Justice, a case which also involved alleged misconduct by a Conservative MP. Matt O’Connor of F4J, who lives in Hampshire, is currently been dragged through the courts by Hampshire police and has also been subject to physical attack by Conservatives at his own home!

    So in summary, in one county we have a corrupt police force going out of their way to target all fathers rights campaigners who dare to engage with Conservative politicians, and it’s known that there are very close ties between Conservative politicians in this country and the police force. Essentially, it seems that the the country in question is not a safe place for anyone concerned with equality for fathers.

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