TL;DR – Where are all the outraged feminists?

My thanks to a number of supporters for pointing me to an excellent new piece (29:28) published today by TL;DR. As we’d reliably expect from him, it’s been meticulously researched.

Some background is in order. The blog piece which is the subject of TL;DR’s attention was written by a 16-year-old New Statesman blogger, June Eric-Udorie, and published about a month ago. It was an idiotic piece even by New Statesman standards, and that’s saying something. It concerned the purported lack of outrage among MRAs to the news that Survivors UK, a London-based charity supporting male victims of sexual abuse, was to lose its government grant. We linked to the story before Ms E-U wrote her piece, as TL;DR points out at about 2:10.

Our own blog piece on the matter (15 June) is here, the following are extracts:

Her Cosmopolitan profile consists of:

I’m June, 16 year old teenage feminist blogger and obsessed with smashing patriarchy. Often found with my nose in a book, talking about vaginas or dancing to Beyonce. Oh, and I’m addicted to Coca-Cola.

She also writes blogs for the Guardian and Huffington Post. Her mistresspieces for the Huffington Post include ‘Feminism: Believing in the Power of Vaginas Is Not Something to be Ashamed Of’. An extract from that piece, displaying her genius in full flow:

I’m a feminist. I’m a very, very proud feminist (this is when you can start judging me). And why shouldn’t I be? Fannies are WAY better. I mean, come on?! We can bring new life into the world and still bounce back into shape. The fact that even men came out of a vagina is saying something about how powerful vaginas actually are. The power of the vagina is why we continue to be oppressed and dominated every day.

One thought on “TL;DR – Where are all the outraged feminists?

  1. Fannies are WAY better. I mean, come on?! We can bring new life into the world and still bounce back into shape.

    1) Let’s see you ‘bring new life into the world’ without some seminal male ‘input’ (puns intended).

    2) You’re deceiving no one but yourself – certainly not any experienced man – if you think a postpartum fanny can ever return to anything resembling its prenatal condition.

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