Laura Bassett is the perfect example of sexist double standards against men

Laura Bassett is the unfortunate soccer player whose recent own goal against Japan meant England didn’t reach the final of the Women’s World Cup. Janet Bloomfield points out that the public response has been a perfect example of sexist double standards – here.

2 thoughts on “Laura Bassett is the perfect example of sexist double standards against men

  1. Excellent artice and so true. Women gain far more than they lose from benevolent sexism and the other way round for men.
    But we must not forget that even in Victorian Britain, the ratio between arrested men and women was much closer than it is today.So we are witnessing the acceleration of men’s benevolent sexism towards women,to catastrophic consequences for men and boys.
    The extention of benevolent sexism from men to women into the workplace has a lot to do with this phenomenom. Men are being taught with increasing forcefullness that they must accept or at least tolerate all women’s shortcomings at workplaces in order to be deemed good for society.
    This has resulted in men unable to stand up for their own well being and rights,resulting in the loss of family,property,excessive incarceration-second class citizenship,etc…
    Men have come to believe that they do not deserve equal treatment by the society or the justice system.
    In short,men have been brainwashed into accepting the status quo,so biased against them.
    The meaning of the word ‘brainwash’ is for one to believe and accept the established norms of the moment and not revolt against them,even when they are clearly detrimental to one.
    (In this case males) And obviously,most western men clearly fit into this category,unfortunately.
    They believe that present day societal norms are written in stone and any mention of challenging them brings discomfort to them.As if their country was under cultural attack,and these men even defend them,instead.. it is quite pathetic,actually.

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