Louise Kirk: Women cannot ‘have it all’ without damaging their families and homes

Another insightful and nuanced piece published today by The Conservative Woman. There’s no other site like it in the UK, and we hope it will go from strength to strength. It certainly deserves to, particularly because Conservative men – David Cameron being the prime example – have surrendered to pushy feminists at every opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Louise Kirk: Women cannot ‘have it all’ without damaging their families and homes

  1. As much as feminists claim to care about the poor and women of color, they rarely give a thought to how the push to get all women into the workforce is hurting them. For every one middle class female office manager there are three or four maids, daycare workers, and fast food workers sacrificing their families to support these women pretending to “have it all.” These middle class managers would never be able to function without an army of poor women cleaning their houses, raising their kids, or making their food because they don’t have time to do it themselves. They are oblivious to how their policies have forced poor women out of their homes and away from their families to the detriment of all of them.

  2. What a wonderful and truthful article.This is something that needs to be explained to girls at high school so that they can make a choice of the lifestyle they would prefer to live.They should not have to be pushed or pressured to go for master degrees and careers if they wish to be full time mothers.Our society surely needs such women and our children even more so. I do not think that this obvious truth will come out of the mouth of the people in charge at the moment…

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