Captain Nemo – Notts TV interview (120,000+ views in 7 weeks)

My thanks to Captain Nemo for posting a number of my interviews, and getting huge viewing figures, lengthy comment streams etc. I contribute to comment streams when I can, but there are only so many hours in the day.

A supporter has just informed me that my interview with a feminist presenter on Notts TV has attracted over 120,000 views on Captain Nemo’s site in just 7 weeks – here.

2 thoughts on “Captain Nemo – Notts TV interview (120,000+ views in 7 weeks)

  1. Retributive justice comment was the most impressively delivered and executed rebuttal I’ve heard all year! Always a delight watching you in action, Mike. Keep the facts flowing, keep highlighting the shaming tactics, keep dropping in the areas in the manifesto that you think the interviewer knows little about, and recognise those moments when they try to change the subject because they know you’re onto a valid point. Oh, and chuck in a few questions you know they won’t have an answer to… and ask it two or three times just to rub the fact in that they are blissfully ignorant.

    Looking forward to the next interview!

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