3 thoughts on “Janet Bloomfield: Did feminism cause the Greek debt crisis?

  1. Hi Mike

    I know you get swamped with information, but I just thought I’d pass this on. The government’s latest updates on offender management includes the document attached. Always galling to see legalised discrimination so clearly stated (page 12 of the PDF attached) in two consecutive paragraphs: Equalities: Under the Equality Act 2010, the Ministry of Justice has an ongoing legal duty to pay ‘due regard’ to the need to: eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation and other prohibited conduct; advance equality of opportunity between different groups (those who share a protected characteristic and those who do not); and, foster good relations between different groups. Providers are required to act in accordance with this duty, as well as the more general provisions of the Equality Act. Historically, there have been unequal patterns of outcomes, with some groups of offenders with shared protected characteristics faring better than others (see NOMS Equalities Annual Report 2011-12). The MOJ is committed to address this disproportionality.

    Female Offenders: Female offenders are a minority grouping within the offender cohort and often exhibit complex needs which must be addressed if their risk of reoffending is to be reduced. The government published its Strategic Objectives for Female Offenders in March 2013, which is integral to the delivery of offender management services. Needs in relation to domestic violence, sexual violence, and abuse are highly prevalent among female offenders. The MOJ is working with the Home Office on its Ending Violence Against Women and Girls: action plan 2013.

  2. excellent article and right on the spot. I have yet to hear any criticism by feminists of the unequal retirement age,despite the fact men work harder jobs,live shorter and retire LATER !
    And we call this sytem ‘democracy’? How can a person who lives longer,retire earlier?
    What is the justification for that ? it surely defies logic,justice and even common decency.

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