6oodfella on Gender Studies courses

British men paid 72% of the income tax collected in the UK in 2011/12, £68 BILLION – £68,000,000,000 more than British women. Long-suffering men fund 72% of the cost of countless anti-male government initiatives, and 72% of the salaries of the parasitic ‘academics’ on Gender Studies courses.

Few people come close to 6oodfella, a genius from the west of Scotland, in ridiculing idiotic feminists. On reflection, the word ‘idiotic’ was superfluous there. No matter. 6oodfella was the inspired creator of a series of eight pieces on Gender Studies courses – here. If you need any convincing of their worth – and trust me, you shouldn’t – the introductory piece is here. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “6oodfella on Gender Studies courses

  1. Indeed, 6oodfella is a genius, a significant contributor, a truth seeker and an inspirational educationalist. I’d like to see him appear in a TV doc or somewhere on mainstream media just to see him put a few feminists in their place via his natural aptitude towards delivering crushing blows to their logic!

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