Chase, a four-year-old boy, to be the subject of MGM today, against his mother’s wishes

My thanks to an important supporter for making me aware of this matter, the barbaric mutilation of a four-year-old boy’s genitals in Florida today, against his mother’s wishes. His comments take up the remainder of this blog post, I ask you to do what you can. Thank you.

“I don’t know if you’re aware, but Chase’s genital mutilation surgery is scheduled for today at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Florida, the doctor who’s going to butcher this innocent child’s penis is allegedly Gary Birken.

Some news coverage.

Here’s how J4MB supporters can take action to make these people reconsider:

Post a comment on the hospital’s Facebook page.

Phone the hospital and let them know they shouldn’t be harming children: 954-265-5324

Write a one star review of the hospital noting that it abuses the children it is supposed to be caring for, here.

Send tweets about this sickening case to the hospital: @JDCHospital

Post comments on videos on the hospital’s YouTube channel.

Contact those at noting how the hospital using Mr Dimaggio’s name is going to cause such terrible harm to a child – here.

Locals can protest outside the hospital in question 1005 Joe Dimaggio Drive.

Share various articles about the case on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter – here.

Contact the alleged doctor in question: You can phone his office on 954 265 0072.”

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