Captain Nemo, thank you

Four months ago a new YouTube channel was established, under the name Captain Nemo. He’s one of a growing number of video aggregators who feature our interviews, and get high viewer numbers, leading to more support for J4MB.

His link to my interview by a feminist presenter on Notts TV (not the BBC) is here. It’s attracted 22,756 views and 358 comments in less than four weeks. His link to my ITV ‘This Morning’ discussion with Caroline Criado-Perez – in which she laughed and admitted she’d lied on BBC Radio, thereby earning her first ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ award – has attracted 18,500+ views – here. His link to one of my London Live TV interviews, in which (as usual with London Live TV) I was challenged by the feminist presenter and two feminist guests, is here. It’s attracted 7,823 views and 203 comments in less than three weeks. A depressing number of the comments concern my stammer, a longstanding problem I hope to address now there’s less pressure on my time, post-election.

I should like to thank Captain Nemo – and others like him – for supporting our work.

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