Breitbart article on the recent BBC Radio Nottingham hustings fiasco

I was recently engaged in a hustings run by BBC Radio Nottingham. The producers invited (and vetted) an all-female audience, the questions focused mainly on women’s issues, not one question was asked about men’s (or boys’) issues. I was placed on the panel between the two female candidates, and the presenter was a Guardian reading feminist. This is typical of the BBC’s idea of ‘gender balance’. My thanks to a supporter for pointing me to an insightful piece just published by Breitbart – here.

5 thoughts on “Breitbart article on the recent BBC Radio Nottingham hustings fiasco

  1. Excellent, well written and true to the core article. Yep, the BBC sucks!

    Good luck, Mike, for tomorrow’s election.

  2. I have read the article and it could not be any better at summing up the misandric, undemocratic treatment you have received from the BBC. Be proud to be the only party fighting for fairness and equality in the UK. Good luck in the election!

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