A new hit piece in the ‘Mirror’

My thanks to David for pointing me towards a new hit piece in the Mirrorhere. Anyone who reads more than a few pieces on this blog, or reads our election manifesto, will soon discover how the paper’s assertion that J4MB is a ‘far right’ party is ridiculous. We thank the ‘journalists’ at the paper for driving their readers in our donation. A few days ago one of them sent us a donation and said he’d never buy the paper again.

5 thoughts on “A new hit piece in the ‘Mirror’

  1. It’s late, and I’m feeling lazy, and other things etc. Will you kindly give a URL to the polling site?

  2. Up to 15.1% now. Everyone go and vote as it is the only way you can comment on the hit piece. If you got that in general election no one would be lying and laughing anymore.

    They say you are against women doctors, no you are not, you only pointed out the work gap between them and career minded male doctors, which is costing the nation a lot of NHS money and shortage of working doctors despite an increase in those qualified. As for Equal rights legislation, that is the whole point of the manifesto!! They only get the last point correct about feminist lies on stats, but only accidently because they are the ones who endlessly help to spread the lies, with at best lazy journalism. Finally I see nothing right wing about the manifesto at all. That’s from someone raised by a Labour voting father and a Liberal voting mother. I suppose ANYTHING right of gender feminism is right wing these days.

  3. I’ve just checked the voting to see that Mike Buchanan is way ahead of the others, polling 14%, which is about what Nigel Farage and UKIP are polling nationally. Don’t know about anybody else, but I’d call that a successful result! Any publicity is good publicity, even if it is lies.

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