One thought on “Karen Woodall on the Panorama programme about male suicide

  1. I heard the interview with the man who had lost his father on radio 4 the morning before the broadcast and the short follow up discussion. That was enough for me to know it was going to be another BBC gender bias stitch up program and to not waste my time watching. From everyone’s comments I have been proved correct. It would all be men’s own fault and that appears to be the conclusion, or the problems really were not that bad, men just need to talk more and the problems will disappear

    The truth is if men do talk no one is listening, the system is the cause and not the solution, any treatment offered is geared to women because we are all the one gender according to feminism. Funny how their neutral gender theory is that every must be female minded. Utter pseudo-science BS. However after any treatment men do not then get the same support and solutions that women get. Until the state stops decimating against men the suicides will only increase and they will get younger and younger when they do. Please support getting services change to stop this heart breaking loss of life. Would you let your daughters die in such numbers without help or have to put up with policies that promote this outcome?

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