7 thoughts on “Mumsnet followers get agitated about J4MB

  1. today’s western women are much like very spoiled children. it is, however, those who spoiled them that carry most of the blame. In this case they are called “gentlemen’.

  2. They like to go on about cavemen a lot, cartoon cavemen that is (roll eyes).

    What they appear to not realise is our “cavemen” ancestors must of been kick ass good else we would not be here living as we do now. They really listened to their women and set out to help due to genuine appreciation. What did they deliver, made to measure caves(houses); central heating or air conditioning; clean running hot and cold water; extra comfortable beds; unlimited fresh food; healthy children; surviving to old age; on tap entertainment; electric lights, ovens, cool larders(fridges), washing machines, dryers; the miracle of toilets and sewers; transport to save their leg work; time for holidays; not to mention makeup, clothes and hair dye to help modern cavewomen improve their appearance. All those days of “cave work” condensed into a few hours a day so the modern “cavewomen” can join in the “fun” of paying for it all.

    Has it stopped some still whining, nope, the feminists really take the biscuit. These particular mumsnet users appear to be worse than cave women, whining without justification. If they really think only men should spend their money on sorting out “only” men’s problems they better get used to living in real caves again. Men did not only mostly build the world, they still mostly pay for it, including all the women only State support.

    Put in the same paid work hours mumsnet ladies and you do get the same pay, stop default single custody and men will adore caring for their children again, and your child’s life prospects will leap, get prosecuted and locked up the same for your crimes and we will all be safer, cut out the misandry and we can listen to and respect you again. Do let facts get in the way of your imagined world and we can all talk together again. A vote for J4MB is a vote for women and girls too. A vote for the feminists parties and see the prospects of a happy family life for women get worse than it is already.

  3. William, I understand Google can email you when certain terms are used on the internet, so I could register my name, J4MB etc. Can’t be bothered, to be honest, it would be a massive waste of my time. A number of supporters (including the indefatigable Claire) kindly inform me when things crop up, and I put up links to a number of them.

  4. One of the comments states that you and the party have a ‘Google trace’ on your names. What is a Google trace?

    The great thing about any women’s forum is that it is a goldmine for anyone seeking examples of daft or insane female thinking. I’m thinking of signing up.

  5. It was the projection that caught my attention. One silly bitch wrote that fathers expecting equal and unsupervised access to their children is like squabbling over a shared driveway, yet that is exactly how mothers use children and it is interesting that a woman should use that analogy.

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