Alan Bowker – ‘Why I support J4MB’

Alan Bowker was one of the first J4MB supporters, and it was a pleasure meeting him before my debate with Julie Bindel at Durham University early last year. He’s also been a generous donor, and he sent the following in response to my request that he write a piece about why he supports J4MB:

“I support J4MB because it cares for our children by supporting real equality of gender rather than faux-feminist inequality. I’m tired of listening to politicians and the CPS (e.g. Alison Saunders, Yvette Cooper, Theresa May, Vera Baird) incessantly portray males as abusers, when every one of them refuses to acknowledge the fact that women abuse children and babies at twice the rate men do. Where is the protection of our children by means of equality of prosecution?”

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