Tim Alford, thank you.

It was a great pleasure recently meeting with Tim Alford, a man who’s spending his free time helping with door-to-door leaflet distribution, along with Jon, David, and others. He’s also helping in other ways, so the other day we thanked him with a good pub lunch.

Tim knows more about some gender-related issues than anyone I know. We talked about FGM and MGM, and in particular the issue of why prosecutions for FGM are so rare in the UK, a regular complaint of feminists. An outrageous prosecution of a male surgeon recently failed. So, what’s the reason for the lack of prosecutions?

It’s perfectly simple, Tim explained. FGM is carried out by women at the behest of women in the UK, as in parts of Africa. Men in these communities who have an opinion on the practise, are typically horrified by it.

If the criminal justice system were to prosecute British citizens over FGM, it would have no choice but to prosecute thousands of middle-aged and elderly black women. That’s never going to happen, with the feminist-driven Crown Prosecution Service responsible for making charging decisions. So the utterly futile search for men responsible for FGM must continue, while the women responsible for FGM are not held accountable. And so FGM continues in the UK. What a victory for feminism.

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