Has Britain become hostile to blokes? (BBC ‘The Big Questions’)

Our thanks to K for loading this onto our YouTube channel. It was first broadcast a couple of days ago. A number of men made strong contributions to the debate, while the contributions of Kate Smurthwaite, a feminist ‘comedienne’, and Sally Peck, a Telegraph ‘journalist’, were truly woeful.

6 thoughts on “Has Britain become hostile to blokes? (BBC ‘The Big Questions’)

  1. Yeah, you’re probably right and do you know what annoys the hell out of me? The fact that they couldn’t even address the programme with a 100% serious title. It’s like someone in the background couldn’t quite bring themselves to put the word “men” in the title i.e. “Has Britain become hostile towards men?” Instead, we get the word “blokes” chucked in as a precautionary safe measure against the any potential cultural backlash. I mean we can’t have TV programmes taking men’s issues 100% seriously without throwing in a bit of humour or sarcasm, can we! Whatever would all the feminists think! I also despise the way most interviewers ask serious questions relating to men’s issues with that slightly mortified, almost embarrassed, distinctly uncomfortable, disagreeable, squinty-mushed look on their face, accompanied by a really irritating, patronising voice in an attempt to get across the fact that they they wouldn’t dream in a million years of agreeing with what they’re being told to say!!! I have to buy a new sick bowl every day!

  2. It was really great to see mainstream TV covering this topic & actually tweeted BBCTBQ on that. However, the sceptic in me thinks that it was a clever ploy by the BBC to deflect Clarkson ire and they are now finished with men’s issues.
    But, perhaps they will get Mike and Milo and Martin Daubney back again – all 3 did an outstanding job.

  3. Yep, a volcanic eruption soup, earthquake main, with a side dish tidal wave, and a hurricane topping cake for desert. That’s the type of bubbling fermentation that feminism bullshit has created. It was bound to happen, and the explosion of energy will be catastrophic for that outdated, bigoted feminist movement which is already on the way out the door. I hope they don’t forget their hats and coats as it’s gonna be pretty dismal out there!

  4. the vulcanic eruption has started under the surface and no feminist will be able to plug it up anymore….The dormant male volcano is coming alive,finally…and once it erupts,it will be with the force to shock and awe the feminists.

  5. Great to see these debates happening more frequently and this is fantastic for publicity of men’s rights. The guys fighting our side were great but we need more statistics fired across the room at the feminists, even if it’s off-topic. I despise the way these feminists shout people down and try to silence every point made by any person who calmly tries to point out that men have issues which constantly get ignored. There were some really good points made by (was it Milo?) and i like his style as he won’t stand for any crap. But let’s see the growing list of points about sexism against men get read out quickly and confidently such that the viewing audience get a taste of the other side of the story. This is not the time or place on the journey to be silenced by desperate feminists who obviously have no interest in men’s rights. Mike, this programme is a good platform for you to get your points across and I’m praying that you invite yourself to sit alongside other men (of the ilk I just saw) and get those points raised in front of thousands of viewers – before the election would be a strong and strategic move. It’s so good to see this stuff on TV.

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