3 thoughts on “Jasmin Newman: Why I’m an MRA

  1. That’s the first time I’ve heard Janet Bloomfield on a BBC programme. That’s great, even though the programme in question seems to be a minor one. Now can we please have her and Karen Straughan on Woman’s Hour on a regular basis? Well, the BBC are always going on about ‘balance’. 🙂 🙂

  2. Great Video which clearly demonstrates the precarious position that feminism holds. To see women themselves turning against feminism is a real turn-up for the books! At this pace, I think we’ll see the death of radical feminism by the turn of the decade, hopefully to be replaced by a different, non gender specific definition which we can all unite and engage with. Feminism, with it’s bigoted, biased, hateful agenda and refusal to help or at least recognise the needs of men and boys is responsible for its own corrosive erosion. I think Ally Fogg should take a short glimpse of that video.

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