Nicky Morgan’s feminist indoctrination of 11-year-olds

Appalling. Feminist indoctrination of 11-year-olds, at the behest of Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary as well as Women and Equalities Minister. I appeal again for someone to challenge her at the general election on behalf of J4MB. Her seat is Loughborough, which is near the three Nottinghamshire seats we’re already contesting, but you don’t have to live in the constituency to stand for election there.

She won the seat with a majority of only 3,744 votes in 2010.

Let’s challenge this damnable woman on May 7.

2 thoughts on “Nicky Morgan’s feminist indoctrination of 11-year-olds

  1. What is most disturbing is its the CONSERVATIVES who are presiding over this wretched dismantling of our education system and the destruction of humanist and liberal values

  2. Worse than indoctrination……its blatant northkorea style political brainwashing……rapeculture rapemyths victimblaming and all the rest of their vile and vicious orwellian jargon will be unleashed on our children…..utterly sickening

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