Newsweek: ‘The trouble with men – why men are killing themselves’

About two months ago I had an enjoyable lunch and a two-hour-long discussion with Finlay Young, a Scottish feminist journalist with Newsweek. He was engaged in writing an article about male suicide, and we touched on many related areas. His article has just been published in the European edition (print and online), and I invite you to add a comment. Joe Wilson, not a name that rings a bell, has already done so.

A longer piece has been put on sale as an ebook at a cost of £1.99. The word count is almost four times longer than that of the article, and much of Chapter 10 is drawn from our meeting.

2 thoughts on “Newsweek: ‘The trouble with men – why men are killing themselves’

  1. I was interested to read that an initiative in Scotland had reduced suicide there. This shows it isn’t some inevitable side product of “masculinity” but is ,at least in part, due to lack of proper help in those countries with rising rates.
    I thought one most important point was that the start is to listen to men. There are after all many “failed” suicides where one can follow up on what was being thought at the time

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