Gloria De Piero and Harriet Harman: The ‘pink bus’ backfires

Predictable. Could Harman and GDP possibly have thought of a stunt more patronising towards women? Only a fool could now fail to see the Labour party is now driven by feminist thinking – Ed Miliband’s first job in politics was as Harriet Harman’s PPS or ‘bag carrier’ – and is institutionally anti-male?

We did, however, enjoy this:

After arriving in the pink bus with fellow Labour MP Gloria De Piero, Ms Harman was also harangued by a man wearing a t-shirt which read:

This Is What A Victim Of Feminism Looks Like.

An Independent piece on the matter includes a photograph of the estimable man who – from the banner he’s carrying – would appear to be a father denied reasonable access (or possibly ANY access) to his daughter. We wish him well.

We’ll look out for the pink van while we’re campaigning on the streets of GDP’s constituency, Ashfield. With a majority of just 192 votes in 2010 – the runner-up was a Lib Dem candidate, who’ll be standing again in May – GDP may one day look on this as a stunt which contributed to her losing her seat after only one term in office, in a historically safe Labour seat. You can but hope.

Seven months ago, before we decided to contest GDP’s seat, we presented her with one of our ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards, for comments she made about the gender pay gap. The award certificate, and the background to her winning it, are here.

4 thoughts on “Gloria De Piero and Harriet Harman: The ‘pink bus’ backfires

  1. Just found this, Thanks for the support. I have 2 girls, ELMO is the first 2 letters from each of their names. I have put a stop to 3 of Miss Harmans photo opportunities now, Stevenage, Croydon and Cambridge. The lies about domestic violence are getting worse as she goes along. See this video for her latest rubbish. The Female speaking to her is a fellow activist, The male voice who shouts about suicide rates is of course me, note the quick exit by Miss harman once I start telling the truth.

  2. I loved the idea of that T-shirt..Fantastic idea!
    Anyone coming up with the idea of pink buses should ask themselves whether they are mature enough to govern…

  3. It’s Magenta dahling. Saw Mrs. Dromey on Newsnight looking somewhat uncomfortable in the role of friend to mums at the kitchen sink. As always it’s all about  the “wimmin” . Her central idea that the women who don’t vote do this as politics is just not female enough soon collapses with the inconvenient truth that about the sand number oc men don’t vote either. If only Mrs. dromey was right, all those millions of men don’t vote ’cause politics isn’t male friendly enough. Get a Bus Mike! Get those men voting.
    The truth  is the voting sort of women are much more likely to floating voters and it is these that the said Pink Bus is out to round up (  or Magenta if your that sort of feminist) . It seems male voters express too little uncertainty and so their greater political  loyalty will ensure they won’t be getting any attention. 

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