One thought on “William Collins (mra-uk): UK deaths

  1. This is a huge service in bringing such data together. As you point out, probably to the surprise of most of the general public, it is comparatively rare to find data actually clearly divided by sex. Much more common is the data for women, which you would think also includes men’s data , yet the latter is frequently “invisible” by being left out of tables and un-interrogated. It isn’t necessarily a widespread conspiracy as it only requires a few people who “gate keep” information to create tables or graphs ( and have pictures) only of females to simply continue the general “gynocentric” approach to help and support in our society. In effect feminists doing so are simply more consciously making these gynocentric choices . But they do so in a general disregard for males. Of course the irony is that it is a requirement of the Equality Act that such data is collected and considered as part of Impact Assessments. It really is important that public services are continually challenged ( FOIs , complaints, challenges) to do as the law requires.

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