Buzzfeed News article on J4MB – over 146,000 views

We end a long day by thanking BuzzFeed News for a piece they posted about 16 hours ago – here. It’s already had over 146,000 views, attracted over 800 comments, and led to online pieces from the Guardian and Independent. We’ve had messages of support from around the world.

Some of today’s interviews will appear in the major print and online media outlets in the next few days – the first of them in a national paper, today (Thursday). I have three TV interviews scheduled over the coming two days – the first of them just 10 hours away – and we’ll post them on our YouTube channel as soon as we can.

We’re finally seeing our long-anticipated mainstream media breakthrough. It’s been a remarkable day for J4MB, our supporters, and our donors. Please donate what you can to help us campaign for justice for men and boys, even if you can’t afford much, here. Thank you for your support.

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