2 thoughts on “Belinda Brown: The great majority of women prioritise children and family over career success

  1. Instinctively,we all feel that it is not quite normal or right ,apart from war time or emergency situations,when women fight on the frontlines,man factories,or walk the beat.We aslo feel that it is not quite right when infants are left in care of non-family carers,no matter how quaified.. Can women do these jobs? Yes,they can,if neccessary,But even then we all feel that men are simply more suitable for these jobs,Both because of physical strength,mental toughness and without the immediate neccessity to look after infants..But is a society, where women do all sorts of jobs,even hard and physical ones,instead of looking after their small children an ideal one? ?Not quite so sure….probably not,if only judging by one’s common sense. It is therefore no surprise that this latest survey found the same result.

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