Dick Swaab: ‘We Are Our Brains’

I’m enjoying a fascinating book by Dick Swaab, an eminent Dutch neuroscientist, titled We Are Our Brains (from the womb to Alzhemer’s). In one chapter he outlines the compelling evidence that the human brain becomes ‘hard wired’ in the womb for sexual identity, sexuality, body integrity identity disorder (the conviction that a part or parts of your body don’t belong to you), transsexuality, and more. One paragraph (p.78) struck me being possibly of particular interest to followers of this blog, and it takes up the remainder of this post.

“Our description of the first sex differences found in human hypothalami in postmortem brain tissue (Swaab and Fliers, Science 228 [1985] : 1112-15) provoked a hostile reception from feminists. At the time there was widespread denial within the feminist movement of possible biological sex differences in the human brain and behaviour.

Speaking about our findings in an interview with the Dutch magazine HP (January 17, 1987), a woman biologist by the name of Joke t’Hart said, ‘But if I were to accept that there are differences between the sexes in such fundamental areas as the structure of our brains, I would no longer have a leg to stand on as a feminist.’ Whatever the case, I never heard any more of her.

Many hundreds of sex differences have subsequently been identified between the male and female brains.”

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