Kathy Gyngell: ‘We ignore the collapse of marriage at our peril’

We’re big admirers of The Conservative Woman but we do wish the site would introduce some way of automatically notifying followers of new pieces. It’s too easy to miss some terrific pieces. An interesting new piece by Kathy Gyngell, just published. Part of the recipe for reviving marriage as an institution must lie in making the institution less toxic for men. Almost 50% of marriages end in divorce. The continuing economic emasculation of men in the divorce courts, in an age when women have long had equal employment opportunities, is a scandal.

2 thoughts on “Kathy Gyngell: ‘We ignore the collapse of marriage at our peril’

  1. A fine article but missing an important component…. men’s motivation. A man – or any person for that matter – will strive and work where there is a just and reasonable reward. Where he is exploited unfairly, treated badly or abused, he will take one of three actions. 1. Withdraw. 2, sabotage. 3. ‘work to rule’. Men have withdrawn. Most do not want to sabotage a society that is already doing a fine job of that by itself. Most are not prepared to accept the ‘rule’ let alone work to it. Men have opted out.

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