Kathy Gyngell: ‘Pity John Humphrys…’.

An interesting piece which includes some welcome words about Laura Bates. The intellectually-challenged hysterical blonde harridan (Laura, not Kathy) has fewer than 48 hours remaining to respond to our public challenge, and retract her lie about the number of women who are raped every year in the UK. Ms Bates confidently asserted on Free Speech Live that the number is 85,000, although official statistics show that fewer than 1,000 British men are convicted of the crime every year. Maybe each of these men raped 85+ women, on average? Or maybe… look, I know this will sound crazy, but let’s entertain the possibility… maybe a lot fewer than 85,000 women are raped by men every year in the UK?

We publicly challenged Loopy Laura to substantiate her whackadoodle claim, and you’ll be stunned to learn she hasn’t responded to the challenge. We’re so sure she won’t respond, that we’ll prepare her November ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ award certificate tomorrow, in readiness for presenting her with it shortly after our deadline for a response to the challenge, 17:00 on Friday. She’ll join that other ray of sunshine, Caroline Criado-Perez, in having won the award twice.

2 thoughts on “Kathy Gyngell: ‘Pity John Humphrys…’.

  1. Mike, how about a public challenge of the authors of they ridiculously sexist report.

    Gyngell’s article is actually completely wrong in some areas, to get top marks for equality men and women don’t have to live to be the same age, the methodology requires women to live 6 years long than men for a country to be classed as equal!

    (and if they were to lives 30 years longer than men then the country still gets full marks for equality!). it’s an absolute scandal and yet the media are failing to reporting what is nothing short of fraud.

  2. Yep I heard that interview on Radio 4 not a balancing opinion in sight. Even John Humphreys seemed to just accept everything that was said without question. Certainly not a balanced piece ‘whine whine whine whine….yawn!!!’

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