Owen Davies, we salute you

Laura Bates was recently challenged during a BBC television programme – being broadcast live – by a young man, over her claim that over two women per week are being killed by partners or ex-partners. He pointed out that J4MB had publicly challenged her on the claim, and she hadn’t responded. She promptly repeated the lie, ending with,’That is absolutely the official figure’, which led to loud applause from her acolytes, both male and female. A link to the piece on our YouTube channel is here.

So who was the young man, prepared to challenge Laura Bates in an extremely hostile anti-male environment? We’ve just learned he’s Owen Davies, a student, and we have his permission to reveal these details.

While there are courageous young men such as Owen prepared to stand up for men’s rights, the future looks bright. We’ve presented him with our ‘Winston’ award, in appreciation of his remarkable public exposure of a prominent feminist as a liar. His certificate is here.

Owen Davies, we salute you.

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