Positive discrimination for women at the European Commission

Our thanks to Ian for this. Jean-Claude Juncker, unelected President-elect of the European Commission, is pressurising countries to submit women for top posts. From the article:

Britain will be denied a key role in the European Commission this week unless David Cameron replaces his male candidate with a woman, the body’s new president has indicated.

Jean-Claude Juncker on Monday expressed his frustration that “despite my repeated requests”, most governments, including Britain, have put forward men for the most important positions in Europe.

He warned that the European Commission would be “neither legitimate nor credible” without more women and said that female candidates would have “a very good chance” of getting one of the top jobs.

Sources close to Mr Juncker, whose appointment Mr Cameron attempted to block, said that the remarks were directed at, among others, the British Prime Minister.

Mr Juncker’s comments are likely to be seen as a blow for Mr Cameron, who earlier this year selected Lord Hill of Oareford, who is little-known in European circles, as the candidate to be Britain’s European Commissioner.

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  • Send Nigel Farage in drag

  • Seems that the only thing the EU comission has on its mind is feminist agenda.No wonder everyone is going bankrupt.! Then they are suprised when far right parties grow from strength to strength ! It also seems that feminists infiltrate and damage every institution in the western world.
    Could it be the gentlemanly approach to women in the west has anything to do with it?

  • Perhaps he should lead by example and give his job up to a woman first?

  • This also undermines any women who would be worthy of a top role. We need the brightest and the best at the top to save the EU. Any other reasons, like gender quotas, would make them neither legitimate nor credible. For all we know he could be limiting the number of women with his sexist comments. That’s misandry and benevolent misogyny all rolled into one set of paragraphs. This guy is a woeful mangina.

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  • “the European Commission would be “neither legitimate nor credible” without more women” …who are shoehorned into position…

    Someone should tell him about the concept of “irony”.