2 thoughts on “Gender hypocrisy in the debate on pornography

  1. This article very eloquently explains what I have thought for decades. Women hate porn because it takes away their power and it gives men an alternative pleasure – pleasure that feminists (and many women) would rather see taken away. It’s all very simple and extremely predictable. Thankfully, people are starting to see through this sort of feminist social manipulation. Porn is potentially damaging in many ways (especially where the young are concerned) but it amazes me how the media always home in on how it ‘apparently’ only ever affects women and girls!

  2. Interesting take on the porn debate. It always fascinates me that females who campaign against pornography absolutely NEVER criticise the girls and women who take part (and are paid to do so) in both ‘soft’ (page 3) and ‘hard’ (internet) porn. How many of the participants have a gun at their head, I wonder?

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