A New Fathers 4 Justice protest in Hyde Park, a deeply moving video about children’s rights and fathers’ rights

Our thanks to James Williams of Menmatters Radio for bringing this matter to our attention today. It concerns a New Fathers 4 Justice protest in Hyde Park which started today, one with a difference – one aimed at an international audience. James sent the following message, be sure to click on at least the first link, which will take you to a short video (5:56) which we consider the most moving video we’ve ever seen about children’s and fathers’ rights.

On Tuesday 12th August 2014, I was phoned by a man called Archi who, with 5 other companions, had scaled Apsley House in Hyde Park London. The protestors are in full view of the busy traffic that pass through this part of London. It is claimed to be the first international protest of its kind consisting of three Brits, two French and an American.

On the structure they unfurled a banner with a link to an important URL.

The protesters are a part of a fathers’ rights group that are protesting about the corruption of the family justice system, not just in the UK, but globally. They are expected to be up there for three days. If you wish to pledge your support then visit the website, contact media organizations, local politicians, or community organizations to express that support.

If you wish to text or phone to give your support this is the number that the protesters are happy for you to contact them on: +44 (0)7849 793917

The word is spreading. The London Evening Standard has already published this story online – here.

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