Shona Sibary: ‘Confessions of an intimate terrorist’

My thanks again to supporters who’ve been kind enough to send me items published online or in the press during my recent absence. The first item refers to a study conducted by psychologists at the University of Cumbria. The item starts with this:

Convention has it that women are the gentler sex. But when it comes to relationships they are more likely to be controlling and aggressive, a study claims. Increasing numbers of women can now be classed as ‘intimate terrorists’ in which they are more verbally and physically violent towards a partner.

Psychologists at the University of Cumbria questioned 1,104 young men and women using a scale of behaviour which ranged from shouting and insulting to pushing, beating and using weapons. And they discovered that women were ‘significantly’ more likely to be verbally and physically aggressive to men than vice versa.

As a teenage female relative is fond of remarking, ‘No shit, Sherlock!’ The study’s conclusions simply echo the consensus of a vast number of earlier studies, but the media always present such findings as astonishing news, as if the findings were controversial, and such studies therefore probably suspect.

The second item is an article written by Shona Sibary, Confessions of an intimate terrorist. It’s refreshing to see a woman being so honest about her behaviour towards an intimate partner.

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  • Shona Sibery…. The photo of her and her hubby speaks volumes.

  • I note this is in the science section. Such research has been coming out of Cumbria, Lancaster and Central Lancashire since Prof. Archers seminal study in 2000. The research is usually reported on science or psychology sections. Almost never in the Society, Women’s or Politics sections where the much less rigorous “advocacy” or opinion prieces still push “1 in 4” etc. In effect the actual facts rarely get out to the popular part of the press. Conspiracy?

  • Though I am pleased at Shona Sibery’s article appearing. And prepared to applaud her for her telling her story. It is, as so often is the case , positioned as a problem for her. I don’t want to argue against that intimate terrorism is often correlated with illnesses or psychological problems . But think of the contrast with any report of a man doing such things, it would be described as criminal and entirely his “fault”. I am so pleased to see Prof. Archer’s work getting to a wider audience. At the three Univeristies I mention there really is a body of real research that is simply ignored or “rubbished” by the very “industry” that should make use of it if there was s genuine wish to help.