David Futrelle’s response to our public challenge

Earlier today we publicly challenged David Futrelle to write a blog piece about the impact of increasing gender diversity in the boardroom (‘GDITB’). We’d sent him evidence of causal links between GDITB and declines in corporate financial performance. We’re guessing he has no evidence to the contrary – to be fair to him, nobody else in the world has, either – because he’s just posted the following comment on one of his blog comment streams:

I would like to respond to Mike’s Public Challenge with one of my own: Mike, I challenge you to swim to Iceland. Come on, it’s June. The North Atlantic can’t be that cold in freakin june.

The man’s an intellectual giant.

7 thoughts on “David Futrelle’s response to our public challenge

  1. He is a typical male feminist coward. The Psuedo-intellectual always uses such tactics to avoid real intellectuals. Communists have been killing them for years to avoid the same, coincidence?

  2. Thanks Paul. I’m 56 years old and consider myself middle-aged on account of planning to live to 112, diabetes and high blood pressure notwithstanding. Plus only four days ago I joined my local sports thingy (I’m sure it has a name) and swim at 8:00am daily. In 30 years’ time swimming to Iceland will be a viable ambition, I’m sure..

  3. So Futrelle is essentially saying that proving that quotas for women on corporate boards is good for business, is as likely as a middle aged man (no disrespect Mike) being able to swim from England to Iceland.

    You should thank him for his honesty!

  4. So that’s a no then? Do you think? A good measure of the man’s integrity (and probably lack of intellect) it seems to me – and from his own hand. Nice.

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