James Carver-Grenside wins a ‘Toady’ award

We normally only present ‘Toady’ awards to prominent men and men in positions of influence who advantage women (and girls) at the expense of men (and boys) – men such as David Cameron, winner of ‘Toady of the Year’ awards in 2012 and 2013, who’ll win the 2014 award when he ‘regretfully’ announces later this year that the Conservatives will follow Labour in having all-women prospective parliamentary candidate shortlists to select candidates for the 2015 general election – now just 14 months away.

Of late we’ve been thinking of presenting ‘Toady’ awards to men who excuse women’s behaviour and ride to their rescue when they’re rightfully criticised. It’s one of the reasons that adult women such as Ellie Slee continue to act like petulant children, and don’t act in a civilised manner. There’s a term for the psychological condition they suffer, Whiny Personality Syndrome (‘WPS’). There’s no known cure, and there are sound historical records of women whining well past 100 years of age.

As they grow older, normal young women realise they need to be accountable for their actions and inactions, although they soon learn their accountability is less than that of men, in the justice system and in many other areas. But a proportion of young women never make that healthy realisation, and end up as lifelong whiny Entitlement Princesses. It’s believed most come from broken homes, which could explain a lot. Maybe the others had indulgent fathers, and the rest of us end up paying the price. Men who ride to the rescue of women who shouldn’t be rescued from personal accountability are known by a number of terms in the men’s human rights movement, among the more repeatable on a political party’s website being ‘white knights’ and ‘manginas’.

Today an outstanding example of white knighting was brought to my attention. James Carver-Grenside (I imagine he’s from Glasgow) is a fashion photographer. Maybe he failed the fitness tests for his first choice of career, the Marines. Anyway, he sprung like a well-trained lapdog to Ellie Slee’s defence, after an Irish MHRA posted a blog piece about Miss Ellie. I imagine Ellie – who’s apparently so intelligent she could doubtless have studied rocket science at University, but opted for fashion instead – is now saying to James Carver-Grenside, ‘Good boy, James! Good boy! Here’s a chocolate treat for pleasing Mistress!’

James’s ‘Toady’ award certificate, and the story of why he’s such a deserving winner:

140325 James Carver-Grenside’s Toady award certificate, revised

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