An email from Steven in South Shields

From time to time we receive emails from people we don’t know, which fill us with encouragement that we’re on the right track. An example was received late last night:

“Hello Mike, thank you for the work and good you do bringing men’s and boys’ issue to the forefront. My name is Steven <surname redacted>. I’m a 31-year-old man from the town of South Shields, in the North-East of England. I’m a proud father of three beautiful sons and I am also relieved, relieved that there are men such as yourself out there who try to show the nasty elements of feminism and how it creates resentment, hatred, and conflict between the sexes in our modern society. A lot of people – both men and women alike – are waking up to these wicked feminist tactics, but it’s still a distant reality to many Brits unfortunately.

It surprises me how many young men have noticed this agenda, almost every man (young and old) tells me they’ve noticed this socially acceptable and universal man-hating in British society, how the pernicious side to feminism and women’s rights go almost unchecked, and how it deliberately plays women and men off against each other in moments of social strife and political uncertainty. Even the numerous women in my life have notice this twisted culture daily and how it brainwashes society into thinking masculinity is something to be wary of, and manhood an offensive and threatening thing. I am very worried it’s creating a generation of men who feel lost, unwanted, and devalued, men who harbour great hatred towards the opposite sex, hatred because women swallow up the twisted propaganda – hook, line, and sinker.

Men and boys are constantly hit across the head with feminism and women’s rights, they’re shown how worthless they are compared to women and girls. It’s everywhere these days, on TV and in the papers. It’s obvious everywhere to our men, they learn from the TV early on that women are more important than men, men come second at all times, not a day goes by without some campaign for women. The media puts so much emotion and emphasis on women’s issues while almost completely neglecting any issue affecting the other half of the population. The fact that men are 40% of the victims of domestic violence doesn’t matter one bit, the fact that men commit suicide at over three times the rate of women means nothing to our society, the fact that male fertility has dropped a frightening 50% means absolutely nothing too.

Mike, this is social engineering – nothing more, nothing less – the worst elements of western capitalist culture, an attempt to sterilise and demasculanize the sexually and physically dominant male of the species who is notorious for his strength, leadership, self-sacrifice and pride. Have you noticed how on TV adverts women are portrayed as strong, assertive, and sexually confident, while men and boys are shown as stupid, weak, and powerless? I’ve asked this many times to other men and they all without exception acknowledge this as true, so why is this allowed to happen? It shows how corrupted our country has become, when this relentless man-bashing can be allowed to happen 24/7 without barely a mention from male or female journalists alike.

The poison of feminism is also affecting women because boys and men have learned to just ignore women and girls, they see females as inherently suspicious, vacuous, and fearful, female unapproachability is endemic these days, everyone has been so objectified it has created a state of perpetual self-awareness in both genders, these days everyone just hides inside their mobile phone, they can barely look at each other’s eyes. Men used to enjoy chasing the opposite sex, and women enjoyed being chased, but because of insane initiatives like The Everyday Sexism Project they’ve realised it’s not worth trying to approach a women who’s so easily offended, paranoid, and about as approachable as a barbed wire fence.

So many layers of narcissism, disdain, and anxiety, that girls and women give off. It’s created a generation of men and boys who’ve realised it’s not worth even trying to approach them for a chat. Women know that for the first time in history they’re being ignored by men, and it’s feminism that’s mainly to blame for this depressingly familiar manifestation. I have a lot of life experience even for a 31yr old man, I was in care homes, then heavily addicted to narcotics, and spent many months in jail, but I always had a strong family structure. I was able to rise out of the shit and try to understand what held me and men like me back for so long.

I have sat and drunk with and learned from the most broken people in our society, and now I have a good grasp on life, especially what young lads are feeling these days. Basically they don’t have anything to believe in within our deeply divided class-ridden feminised society, they latch onto fake bravado and short-term satisfaction. I’m shocked at how lost our legions of precious future fathers are, they’re devoid of role models and true leaders, they’re shown how the good guy always gets shat upon, they use chemicals to numb the pain, they are the majority of suicides – the leading cause of death for young men is suicide – the majority of homeless, and the majority of substance abusers and jail inmates. Men build up anger inside and sadly are only noticed when they explode with violence.

Honestly, Mike, we ignore this growing problem at our peril, it’s a terrible indictment of what we’ve become in Great Britain, a dumbed-down politically correct feminised shopping centre of a country. How a generation of boys must feel when they watch advert after advert making their sex look idiotic and weak, all in the name of consumerism and advertising, how the media celebrates girls doing well at exams with barely a debate about boys falling behind, we’re all told to ‘get behind women’s causes’ while support and coverage of men’s causes are almost non-existent. The fact that so many blokes die from cancer doesn’t warrant decent coverage, and nobody blinks an eye, nobody says a single bloody word to protest, it do they?

Women’s campaigns are massive, you can’t miss them. The news, the adverts, the written media all encourage us to get behind and champion women’s rights, all the while the issues affecting the other half of the population are purposely neglected, why is this acceptable? Plenty of women are noticing this ‘national neglect’ and I have a feeling it’s mainly metropolitan / upper class women who are responsible for all this. We’ve become a country of oblivious cowards. Or maybe we’re just predisposed to cherish women, and not men? Either way, it’s not a good sign for things to come.

It’s a very sad thing when I think how widespread this misandry is, they say it’s the true sign of a society, the way it treats its boys. If that’s true, then this once great country has become a septic mess.

Once again, I wish to thank you for the work you do. Is there some way I can make a donation towards your important work?

Best regards, Mike, keep up the good work. Steven.”

I’ve replied to Steven to thank him for his interesting and heartfelt email, and pointed him to

5 thoughts on “An email from Steven in South Shields

  1. So who benefits from this ? Well we are all diminshed in the long run ; but just at the moment it does seem that effectively privileges for middle class women has cemented in aspects of the class system. Perhaps then not so surprising that such discriminatory policies get at least tacit support across the broadsheets from the Telegraph to the Grauniad and certainly from the new brand of political class. With few actual supports for ordinary women(apart from those who are lone parents dependent on the tax payer) and such dire results for ordinary men it seems Steven’s brave sharing highlights an abandonment of ordinary men by an elite .

  2. Agree with every word Steven says. I hope he gets on the internet and helps spread the word. Using the power of social media, we will make sure we get heard. Forums, blogs, comments sections, articles….get to work fellas and help ensure that the rights of men and boys aren’t overshadowed by that hypocritical and selfish feminist superiority movement which has poisoned society with its venom.

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