Who’s the daddy? One in ten fathers in Britain have doubts over the paternity of their children

In our 2015 general election manifesto we’ll be calling for mandatory paternity testing at birth. So we were pleased to see the following article:


A comment from Chrissie of Camberley:

Mandatory DNA tests should be carried out after the child’s birth, It’s peace of mind for both father and child. Everyone has the right to know the truth and that way there can be no arguments or false claims of child support. I feel sorry for the potential fathers and children who don’t know the truth.

This form of paternity fraud – leading a man into believing he’s the biological father of a child, when he’s not – has long been a criminal offence in the UK. It’s an appalling financial and emotional assault on men. For many years the CSA alone has learned of 500+ cases of paternity fraud every year, after men have demanded paternity tests. How many women have ever been convicted of this form of paternity fraud in the UK? The number you’d expect.


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  • As you say an appalling statistic. Demonstrating clearly that what gets prosecuted is decided by state agencies “in the public interest” . This zero indicates policy is that the interests of children and fathers are not a matter of public/ political concern. Hence the need for J4MB. There is a law, there are crimes, why no prosecutions? I note in the case of FGM there is rightly a real push on the CPS, yet for this much more common crime no push at all.

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    How sad is this… Welcome to the UK Family law system….