Antonia Hoyle is offering £400…

Antonia Hoyle is a highly-regarded national newspaper and magazine freelance journalist, and we’ve just had a chat. She’s writing a piece for a national newspaper, and is seeking some input. Do you know of any men who are married to wives who are breadwinners, and say it’s led to arguments in their relationships? Perhaps she makes him feel bad, he feels emasculated etc.? It’s following a report that said marriages in which the woman is the breadwinner are the happiest, and she’s questioning if that is the case. Both husband and wife would need to be pictured and speak to Antonia (unless they’ve since separated). She’d be happy to read back quotes to them, and can pay a £400 fee upon publication.

Antonia’s website is here and she invites people to email her at Good luck, and if you’re successful, don’t forget to make a modest donation to J4MB!

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